House Young-Lake Artist

Location: Changsha, China
Year: 2018
Area: 3000 m2
Level: 3L
Ownership: Private Client

The proposal replaces an existing three level Tudor Style structure of similar function. This building has dated to the point where it is detrimental to the development of the Wetland Area and is now inappropriate to the site and surroundings. It is envisaged with the completion of this new building, the Wetland Area will have two signature structures and a third element designed to provide visual and wayfinding linkage to compliment the site development and allow the completion of the landscaping around the internal lake.

This commission proposes the introduction of a corporate location within the existing parkland area, serving as an House for Artist. The natural beauty of the site and the proximity of the Photography and Art Museums provide a perfect cultural context for such a use. Our endeavour is to provide a solution that respects and accentuates the site context, supplements the functions of the two existing site buildings whilst complementary in aesthetic, is of International standard, reflects the quality and intent of the Client, and adds to the development of the site and Changsha as a growing city of importance in the National Art and Culture movement.