Urban Renewal

Location: Shenzhen, China 
Year: 2016 
Area: 40,000 m2
Level: Varies   
Ownership: Nanlian Village

Hakka people migrated from the interior throughout China, 1000 years ago.

Their cultural traits of diligence and discovery are evidenced by Hakka settlement not only domestically, but across the world.  Despite this diversity of geographical habitation, the Hakka maintain a deep-rooted and evidential respect of ancestral tradition.

Within this context, an architecture indicative of such anthropological heritage must respect traditional planning and review the typical Hakka building typology as may be adaptable to a contemporary setting. Careful study of precedents has developed our understanding of the Hakka centripetal force as a planning precept, and thoughtful consideration of the lifestyle and culture of the community has driven a pragmatic response to site programming.

Given the financial realities of developing in this contemporary domestic context, the client requested a consideration of European styling and atmosphere.  The conceptual framework does not suggest a benefit from such stylistic mimicry as we perceive employing this methodology would deny accurate expression of Hakka cultural.  Furthermore, there may exist some long-term detrimental financial aspects inherent in overly-representing European architectural language in this development.  However, some landscaping and open-space elements of the proposal borrow from typical European treatment, where these elements are considered complimentary to the holistic design approach.

The proposal aims to deliver a world-class retail, entertainment, residential, commercial and lifestyle precinct to the Nanlian Area.

This development will house a unique collection of assets, including;

  • International and Local Retail, Food and Beverage
  • Residencies
  • Hotel
  • Entertainment precinct

The proposal presented in this submission is the culmination of local and broader research into the viability and sustainability of a major mixed-use project, to meet the existing requirements of the Longgang market and accommodate projections of future growth.

Nanlian Village is the result of ongoing consultation with a renowned market research and Leasing Management Company, and an internationally Nanlian Village represents an international quality mixed-use precinct, within a carefully considered contemporary Longgang context. The scale, amenity and design resolution of this project mark a landmark for such developments in the Nanlian area and aims to create an asset of national appreciation and quality over an extended lifecycle measuring decades.

Key development advantages of this site and the proposal include:

  • premier location
  • emerging urban precinct
  • environmentally sustainable design
  • diverse mix of commercial, retail, residential, events and entertainment
  • access to major arterial networks

This Village is designed to be an exciting focal point and a prominent, valued addition to the urban-scape of Longgang.