The LBX TREE Headquarters

Location: Changsha, China
Year: 2019
Area: 30,000 m2
Level: 33L
Ownership: LBX Group

As the premiere pharmaceutical provider in China, LBX occupy a prominent position in domestic commercial and medicinal markets. This economic and reputational prominence deserves representation in the urban fabric of the built environment in Changsha. Our team rigourously debated the appropriate resolution of a relevant building expression that combines Traditional Chinese Medicinal remedy, the historic sprituality of wholistic well-being, scientific research and development of modern pharmaceuticals, and a desire to create a public signifier of LBX.

Perhaps more historically significant than any other culture, traditional Chinese belief systems attribute great symbolic meaning to the Tree. We wish all the positive spiritual, medicinal, practical and sustainable aspects of these historic beliefs, embed in the realisation of this commercial project.

The wisdom, well-being and tradition of the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Life and The Spiritual Tree, are embodied in the structure, environmental sustainability and form of the LBX Tree.