Deron Group Headquarters

Location: Guangzhou, China
Year: 2018
Area: 50,000 m2
Level: 5L
Ownership: Deron Group

At the beginning of the design, the client proposed that golden ratio principle shall apply for headquarters buildings. Therefore, the idea started from Deron’s key apartment – Heating R&D center, together with the company’s operational method, and provided a “Flower to Huadu” solution.

We took rhythmical and graceful lines of air flow which are from the movement of fan blades, and as sections of nautilus in nature is also 0.618:1, the result presented three arc-shaped buildings but with different center, which surrounding a landscape pool of water in the center.

The three arc-shaped buildings are for demonstration factory, office building and R&D center as well as exhibition hall. Based on the building blocks, façade system and PTFE membrane structure system are designed to make the building transparent and light, which is consistent with the design concept: 风生水起 (*Meaning Unquestionably Thriving in Chinese phrase).

Through the accurate calculation of sunlight exposure by BIM technology, the double-layer PTFE membrane façade is used for the R&D center building which is facing the sunlight for the longest time during a day. Also, the structure allowed the natural light penetration the whole internal space.

Many passive designs are adopted to save energy and protect the environment in this project. All the façade are designed to use solar panels that could provide power for the the lighting system in the buildings. The grey water collection system, which would deliver rainwater directly to gardens, pools etc. which made the headquarters buildings meet LEED level.