Königsberg Bridges Architects was founded in 2009 and has established a reputation for high impact, client-focussed architecture.  Our growing international practice is committed to providing innovative solutions through Urban Design, Masterplanning, Architecture, Interior Design and Consulting services.  We are a network of specialists operating from four studios in Australia and South East Asia, serving a diverse range of clients including non-profit and community organisations, the creative industries, private residential, developers and commercial end-users.

The practice builds relationships with the best designers, planners and creative thinkers domestically and internationally, to create dynamic urban design and regeneration projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the built environment, our communities and the world we live in.  We like to create beautiful buildings and inspirational spaces designed to thrill and empower, spaces that people truly enjoy being in – to work, interact, live and relax.

Our practice ethos is to serve with direct principal involvement, budgetary awareness and technical expertise, offered to demanding clients who are inspired by design.  We are most satisfied when project outcomes realise the bespoke, comprehensive knowledge we offer our clients as a direct result of the caring, creative and dedicated nature of our team.

KBa is a design practice.

Our work is underpinned by conviction in a critical design process.  The cross-disciplinary nature of the practice becomes coherent through the application of this process regardless of programme or location.  This methodology demands a highly rigorous, analytical approach, expertly manifest through a range of media in order to explore multiple outcomes.  We resist predetermining architectural solutions, preferring thorough investigation of the unique nature of each project.  We continually research, adapt and integrate new technologies, analyse site specificities and social conditions, and maintain close budget consciousness, to produce exciting and appropriate design solutions.

Through this process, we commit to providing architectural services resolving to outcomes that maintain close synthesis between the context of the project and the requirements of the client .  This has become the defining influence on the evolution of our architectural language, resulting in buildings and spaces which are uniquely tailored to the context within which they exist.

We listen carefully to our clients and know that in order to arrive at exceptional architecture, we must work well with our partners.  Architecture entails substantial financial investment.  To ensure this investment pays off for the client and enriches the lives of end-users, it is imperative to achieve trust in the relationship with the client and all vested parties.  Intent, trust and cooperation allow a client to strive for something exceptional, and the architect to provide it.

The work of the practice illustrates an interest in the application of information technology and the constant evolution of construction methodology, as well as the qualities of ‘craft’ and ‘tradition’.  Our careful consideration of the tactility and sensory perception of space and how design has an immediate impact on the lives of building inhabitants, has afforded KBa local and international success, allowing us to pursue diversified fields of design interest, with the ultimate aim of better servicing current and prospective clients.

Our building knowledge and ongoing research into emerging construction practices, are key to developing innovative design solutions that act positively across environmental, cultural and economic levels.  To ensure KBa retains this research edge and continues delivering advantageous project outcomes, we focus on maintaining diverse relationships with engineers, sustainability experts, landscape architects, non-profit organisations, community groups, industrial designers, artists, commercial leasing consultants and major developers.

These professional collaborations have afforded our practice project exposure beyond traditional architectural service and allow us to field a responsive team ably capable of serving broad project typologies, with experience and specific expertise.