BRCM Headquarters

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Year: 2019
Area: 3,000 m2
Level: 10L
Ownership: BRCM Group

KBa responds to the Client brief esoterically and directly.

We believe our close working relationship throughout the course of this project has enabled us a better understanding of the current position and corporate culture of Belt Road Captial Management, and more importantly -the company’s ambition in the region. The business fields in which Belt Road Captial Management are active and advancing are considered by many as complicated, complex and often confusing. As a Capital Investment firm, the current and prospective clients of Belt Road Captial Management seek security and surety (in addition to profiability) when engaging their investment professionals.

So there should be no dishonesty, superfluity, impractical feature or unnecessary adornment in the design and resolution of the headquarter building for such a firm.

We strive for a quality corporate structure expressing simplicity in design and of material, a sincerity and transparency of function in planning and operability, transposed from within to the facade, and amalgamation of these requisite design fundamentals with an integrity of detailing in construction. We pursue a process-driven bespoke design outcome from our understanding of how the Client approaches its’ business, developes its’ corporate culture and serves its’ own Clients -and that this corporate value and practice methodology must inform a phyiscal outcome for the Corporate Headquarters for Belt Road Capital Management.

We strive to express a built resolution that portrays simplicity, sincerity and integrity.