LBX Group Headquarters Office Building

Location: Changsha, China
Year: 2019
Area: 40,000 m2
Level: Office 14L & Hotel 10L
Ownership: LBX Group

Headquartered in Changsha, LBX Pharmacy holds an asset base in excess of 2 billion RMB, annual revenue approaching 4 billion RMB and is staffed by more than 10000 employees. Current retail stores number 1500 across the mainland in all major provincial markets.
LBX Pharmacy officially listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange on April 23, 2015.

Befitting this impressive corporate context, LBX Pharmacy have undertaken the development of a new Headquarters Facility in their hometown of Changsha, scheduled for completion in 2018.

This schematic presentation seeks to consolidate the social significance LBX Pharmacy has earnt by providing world-class office, hotel and dormitory interiors for the LBX workforce, and offers a new Experience Centre and Corporate Walk to assist in branding this successful company to a wider public audience.

We believe LBX Pharmacy deserves a public persona indicative of the company’s success, but more importantly –of the value LBX products have in the community for promoting health and well-being. This value represents a better lifestyle, a lifestyle that enables LBX consumers to achieve the best quality of life possible. We intend to embed the LBX core values of Practicality, Modernity and Science as a leitmotif through the design process and throughout the realisation.

LBX are the nation’s premier natural pharmaceuticals company.
The LBX Headquarters development should represent the stature and significance of the company.
It should be a destination, recognisable and unique, befitting the national position of the corporation.

The company ethos of well-being, technological development and improving lifestyle through the provision of natural medications is the leitmotif for all our design applications.

We wish to achieve this for LBX by introducing a Corporate Experience Corridor.
A literal and figurative journey through the company, witness to what LBX provides society.

We believe this interactive experience will help achieve public recognition beyond existing clientele.